The Golden Record, a message to Extra-terrestrials The records are mounted on the outside of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 and protected by an aluminum case. Etched on the cover of that case are symbols explaining how to decode the record.

Put yourself in an extraterrestrial's shoes and try to guess what the etchings seek to communicate. Stumped? Hover over or click on the yellow circles for the intended meaning of these interstellar brain teasers:

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“Histography" is interactive timeline that spans across 14 billion years of history, from the Big Bang to 2015.

The site draws historical events from Wikipedia and self-updates daily with new recorded events.

The interface allows for users to view between decades to millions of years.

TV Finals that surprise/disappoint

IMBD ratings of television series finales relative to their average episode rating. Sorted in various ways, demonstrates how the same data can look different/communicate a different story depending on how it's sorted and presented.

Selected Student Projects, 2009–2015

Deadliest Animals

This visualization is one I came across when working on Project 3. My piece was on intimate partner violence and I was looking for ways to map or visualize 1) how frequently women are killed by men they know, especially intimate partners and 2) how proportionally that makes intimate partners so much more dangerous to women than any other person they encounter. This visualization works with that proportional aspect with deadliest animals. I can't decide if seeing human or mosquito was more off-putting, but either way the visualization has a striking effect.


Additional Graphic Design Resources

Thinking With Type:

Good general typographic overview.


A collection of type combinations to play around with

Fonts in Use:

Title says it all.


Professional Show and Tell for Designers

Grid Systems in Graphic Design:

Hunt around for images and PDFs - great, arguably definitive, book on how to use grids.