Selected Projects

2014 and 2012 collaborations with Positive Psych

Justin Lee, “What would they say?” 

Anastasiya Shekhtman, Noise of Time, a collective poem

Anam Omar - 3 2 1  - a collection of 321 tips to be happy.

2014 and 2012 Final Projects

Adi final poster: full PDF | photograph | on my website

Justin Lee, Strings and Waves

Tara Siegel, My Life in Runs

Dave Sharples, Girl Talk Mashup

 2011 Mapping Experience

Alice Yang, Programming Languages, 1950–Present

Kaitlin Pollock: Mark Making Marks

Final Projects 2009

2009 Final Projects

Victoria Schwanda, Patterns of an Undergraduate

Bianca Lauria, French Cheese Map 

good relationships

good relationships

this reminds me of the visualization clouds that johannes was working on in his social media project ... I actually prefer the more abstracted version with just the lines.

with the words: