Uber’s new tool on traffic data mapping helps municipal decision-making

Uber’s new tool, Movement, gives cities a mind-bogglingly detailed view of traffic patterns

Uber’s new tool, Movement, gives cities a mind-bogglingly detailed view of traffic patterns

Uber has launched a new interactive tool, Movement, which maps travel times with the company's vast store of ride data. The site allows users to measure travel times between various parts of a city, tracking how those trips get faster or slower over time.

The site is the first public tool from Uber’s internal team for civic data tools, a group known internally as Project Metropolis. The group hopes to assist city governments to make more informed transit decisions with the company's massive store of rider data. The tool currently contains data on Washington, DC, Sydney, and Manila at launch. The company plans to expand the tool to every major city where the company operates.

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100,000 Stars - Visualizing the Closest 100,000 Stars to the Sun

Click on the image to visit the visualization!

Click on the image to visit the visualization!

This is an interactive visualization that maps the 100,000 stars that are closest to our sun. The visualization opens up centered on our sun, and allows the viewer to interactively explore the stars surrounding it. The stars closest to ours are named and the viewer can access this information by clicking on these names. The visualization will default to being centered on the last star that the viewer clicked. On the right hand side of the screen is a bar that allows the viewer to reference the scale at which they are currently viewing the animation. There is also an option to view the stars according to their spectral index (their temperature). 

Poop Chart

This is a visualization of the color of my daughter's bowel movements as her diet changed over the first 20 days of life.Dots are watercolor paint on cotton paper approximating color. More about the change in poop color over the first days is here.


Resume Eye Tracking and Heat Map

A pretty cool article on heat maps produced by eye tracking experiments on 30 professional recruiters over a 10 week period.

In the short time that they spend with your resume, the study showed recruiters will look at your name, current title and company, current position start and end dates, previous title and company, previous position start and end dates, and education.

The two resumes below include a heat map of recruiters' eye movements. The one on the right was looked at more thoroughly than the one of the left because of its clear and concise format:

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Interstate Highway as Metro

After clicking through Levi's last post, I stumbled upon this article in the archives.  I'm a huge fan of subway maps and how metro systems are designed for wayfinding, so this image really resonates with me.  In my opinion it does a better job of diagrammatically laying out the US Interstate Highway system than previous attempts, and uses a color scheme/logic that is halfway between the iconic London Tube map and Madrid Metro's latest map design.  Click the map for the full-scale version.

American Migration Map

This is a really cool interactive map - check out where people move to from your hometown, or where they came from.  Its only flaw in my opinion is that it takes a bit of exploration to actually see the trends. For instance: try clicking on some tiny counties in Kansas and compare to those on on the Northeast coastline. [link]

The Web Trend Map

I was surprised I had never seen this before, but it's pretty cool and relevant to our new topic of mapping.  It is a map of the intangible [popular websites and trends] transposed onto the Japan subway system.  At the link, there is a video that talks a bit about how the idea came about and the process by which it is created each year.