Independent Project Proposals: Feb 9

At start of class on February 9, print and turn in a 1-page proposal outlining your final project. 
This project is open to any issue or subject—the design must incorporate and be supported by data/information.
You may submit multiple proposals, please format as follows:

• Title/sub-title
• 1 paragraph description (interests, objectives)
• Data source(s)
• Relevant resources/bibliography (texts, artist/designer projects, etc.)

Anna Brill, 2015
Created for Information Design and Visualization class using data from the Extragalactic Distance Database.

Ethan Shou, 2015
All Your Words Belong To Us

Eric Jiang, 2015
Is There Anybody Out There?

Amelia Storck, 2016
The Candidate Brand

Jenny Ho, 2016
Universal Binaries