Out of Your Hands

An interesting visualization of various physical characteristics (compared across both sex and ethnicity) and how they increase or decrease the risk of certain diseases/conditions like Alzheimer's, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. More here

Poop Chart

This is a visualization of the color of my daughter's bowel movements as her diet changed over the first 20 days of life.Dots are watercolor paint on cotton paper approximating color. More about the change in poop color over the first days is here.


Understanding Well-Being

Which countries are Happiest? Which countries are Happiest - composite

Sunshine and Happiness

Happiness in the Office

Does Education Lead to Happiness?

Travelers Guide to Happiness

Social Media and Happiness


Psychologist creates formula for happiness:

According to the Daily Express, 45-year-old former Cardiff University lecturer Cliff Arnall has attached numbers to the factors and created a happiness formula -- O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He.

When a value for being outdoors (O) is added to nature (N) multiplied by social interaction (S), added to childhood summer memories (Cpm) divided by temperature (T), and added to holiday excitement (He) then the third Friday in June comes out as the optimal day for peak happiness.

A New Measure of Well-Being From a Happy Little Kingdom (Bhutan)

Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (this site has a lot of findings as well as data sources)

World Database on Happiness

Measuring Well-Being


For Tuesday, Feb 28 To kick-off the next project, Marie Frogeard, Graduate Student at Penn's Postive Psychology Center, will join us for discussion.

View these short videos:

Sagmeister: 7 Rules for Making More Happiness

Take the following surveys at this site (you must create an account).

  • The CES-D questionnaire
  • The General Happiness Questionnaire
  • The PANAS
  •  The Satisfaction with Life Scale

And complete the reading:

Doing the right thing - Measuring Well-being Read section 2, "Subjective measures of well-being" and section 4, "Psychological theories of well-being."

National Accounts of Well-Being

Ritwik Dey's Lifemap


Ritwik Dey, maps his education, age, location, and anecdotes from Mumbai to graduate school in NY

Infographic resumes, here.

Craig Robinson's Personal Pies, self-examination pie charts.


Above, Ben Franklin's 13 Virtues Habit Tracker, a tool for daily reflection on how well he was following his 13 Virtues: Silence Order Resolution Frugality Industry Sincerity Justice Moderation Cleanliness Tranquility Chastity Humility