Seeing through the fog-visualizing 6000 pieces in the Harvard Art Museum from 1800 to today

I was looking at this final project for CIS171 at Harvard University. I really like how they catalog the artworks through different perspectives-location, time and type, and color schemed. I also like how each visualization has multiple layers of information yet still has a clean look.

First they map those artworks according to their original locations. If you click on a number it will be further broken down to the exact locations of every single object.

Then there's a timeline showing different types of art. I really like how they utilize the timeline both vertically and horizontally, and how you can filter out information you don't want to see. Also when you hover over a dot, specific information about the artwork shows up.

Here it comes my favorite part. They categorize the artworks according to the colors. Once you click on each strip, the artwork itself with basic information will show up!


Hope you guys enjoy this!