Welcome to InfoVis 2017!

Project 1
Hello: Autobiographical Data Visualization, for February 2

• Design and perform a 2-minute spoken and visual presentation built from personal data and vital statistics.
• Design and print an 8.5×11” handout (to accompany presentation) summarizing your design (using illustration, diagrams, icons, charts, tables, and minimal text)

Preliminary designs: Jan 24/26
Presentation/performance: Feb 2

Each project has a associated readings/video—discussion leaders should summarize and expand, raising questions, showing examples, and leading class discussion.

Readings for Jan 17:

Fundamental Principles, Tufte
Artistic Data Visualization, Wattenberg
How to Make Data Look Sexy, Wattenberg, Viegas
Data-Driven Aesthetics, Hansen
Bizarre Insights From Big Data, Hardy

Readings are posted under heading: Course Readings

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