Project 2

Immigration, employment, education costs, campus sexual assaults, fracking, vaccines, women’s pay equity, police violence against unarmed black men, women’s right to reproductive health, genetically modified foods, affordable health care: all are complex and contentious contemporary issues with passionate supporters and critics. And all are supported or opposed by a variety of often confusing data and arguments.

This project asks you to address a significant contemporary issue using published data to support your particular view or argument. The goal of the project is to use data and design to convey a heightened recognition of the issue, to influence and empower users, and to promote engagement and activism.

On February 7, come to class prepared for discussion, with 1 or 2 proposals for specific projects – issues supported by data – and share any relevant projects with the group.

Lauris Olson, Penn Libraries Librarian & Coordinator of Social Sciences Collections, will be in class at 930 to introduce and assist with research and data sources.

Readings/video for February 7 (discussion leaders Amaris, Yuxin, Lauren, Amy):

Why Big Data is Not Truth, Quentin Hardy
Critical InfoVis, Exploring the Politics of Visualization, Marian Dork
In the Age of Data, Ben Rubin


Lauris Olson's page

Statement  by designer,  download PDF

Statement by designer, download PDF