Team Projects

Who You Gonna Call?Users will be able to see the lending specialities of each school, and click to see the breakdown of the top five genres it lends to other schools. The data will be organized as interactive elements in a 12 by 12 array. — Amelia Storck, Ishmam Ahmed, Xiaoye Xing — Source: BorrowDirect composite lending data

Unequal Consumption: The givers and takers of the BorrowDirect community

User Story: We want to compare each school’s BorrowDirect usage relative to their internal resources to understand which universities contribute most to the BorrowDirect community. Team: Esther Yoon & Catherine Gonzalez Data: BorrowDirect Data, American Library Association Research (size of libraries)

Imagine: Van Pelt Going Green

Users will be able to see Van Pelt’s environmental impact on the environment through various graphics and will be encouraged to think of solutions to decrease VP’s impact. — Laura An, Minjun Chen, Mikael Mantis — Source: BorrowDirect composite lending data

Last Resort

Users will be able to see which school is most likely to have books by subject matter if Penn does not already have them. — Diane Kim, Eric Jiang, Jenny Ho — Source: BorrowDirect composite lending data

Filtered by print: Van Pelt’s role in educating students about 21st century race relations in America

User Story: We want to compare the changing rate of how many books were checked out about race relations during the 21st century with a recent history of race relations in America.

Team: Melissa Buja, Virginia Walcott, and Amy Wu Data: Annual library circulation data by call number from 2000-2015, Equal Justice Initiative race relations timeline (, various news sites