Project 3

Library at a glance 2015 Library at a glance

Visualizing Van Pelt (4 weeks) March 3–April 7/May 9

Work in teams to map how materials circulate through the library using data from Penn Libraries’ data and technology services group. For example: Where are materials are located? Who uses them? What are most/least used? How do call numbers rank? Find meaning from information about this dynamic organization.

For Mar 15: Fantasize about Van Pelt–read penn library facts 2015; develop 5 preliminary user stories* In class to start project: Joe Zucca and Andy Sarno, Strategic Initiatives, Penn Library Technology Services

For Mar 17: Discuss data and user stories Reading:   Bubbles-lines-and-string- How Info Visualization Shapes Society; Peter Hall, 2011

* I want to know the circulation rankings of materials in Van Pelt. How do call numbers rank in usage/materials borrowed from the six floors in Van Pelt; which section on which floor has the most borrowing? Least?

* I want to know how much students use the ‘borrow direct’ system so I can understand Penn Library's relation with other schools' libraries. What books (and their genres) are borrowed from other schools the most? Which books are lent out from Penn to other schools the most? Which schools do we borrow from/rent to the most?


Penn Libraries Data Farm

Download: penn library facts 2015