Patriots are the greatest NFL dynasty of all time

silver-datalab-nfldynasties-table Excuse how late the post is in relation to the actual Superbowl (I was too busy celebrating) but I wanted to bring to light a FiveThirtyEight article that underscores the exceedingly obvious point that the Patriots are one of the greatest NFL dynasties of all time.

Boasting aside, while this tabular format of displaying data (in this case, the elo rating system of NFL teams over increasing durations of time with the shortest in the uppermost row) is nothing new, I found it interesting to display the data this way.Tthe author chose to highlight only the top three teams during each increasing year duration (mirroring an olympic podium-esque selective system) and used grey for other teams and low-opacity blue to select the Patriots among each time duration. With this, if you scroll up from the bottom of the table, the table highlights the steady increase of the Patriot's strength as we decrease the duration of the years considered in the elo rating. On the contrary, while not highlighted, you can also note the steady decline of the San Francisco 49er's over the years as well.