InfoVis 2015: Project 1


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Welcome to InfoVis 2015!

Project 1 Hello: Autobiographical Data Visualization, for February 3  Design and perform a 2-minute spoken and visual presentation built from personal data and vital statistics. Initial plans/sketches due Jan 20.  Design and print an 8.5x11” handout summarizing your presentation (using illustration, diagrams, icons, charts, tables, etc.—minimal text)

The Quantified Self: Personal Pies

• + • + • Each project has an associated reading/video—discussion leaders should summarize and expand, raising questions, showing examples, and leading class discussion. Readings for Jan 20:

Fundamental Principles.tufte Artistic-infovis.wattenberg How to make data look sexy, Wattenberg, Viegas Data-Driven Aesthetics, Hansen Bizarre Insights From Big Data

• + • + •

Powers of 10


Resources and examples:

Info Vis Intro 2015

Victoria's Patterns of a Penn Undergrad and Synchro East Liliana's Hamburgefons Life, Liberty, and Mappiness Charlene Lam, Paper-based Visualization Fractions of a Second Winter Olympics Dan's t-shirts Virtual Beauty's Intro to Diagrams: Externalizing Thought Anam's 321 Anastaysia's Noise of Time Justin's What Would They Say?

Dave's Girl Talk Mashup NYTimes CalorieDetective Italian Hand Gestures Andreas Fischer World GDP A History of the Sky

Brynn's Sunday Night, Monday Morning Pioneer Spacecraft Map Graham Roberts' King of the Closers

NapoleonsMarch 17 coldtimeline Google Flu Trends graph. Flu data here.

Craig Venter Genome

nobel2 13.nobels, no degrees_new_layout nobel1

Giorgia Lupi John Snow's cholera map, 1854.



cnn_homeandaway Home and Away, CNN war casualty map  Stamen Design


temp-map-compos NOAA data



Art + Design Resources:

Infosthetics NYTimes Graphics Department and Talk with Duenes NYTimes 2014 Interactive Lev Manovich Casey Reas Jonathan Harris