InfoVis 2014

Welcome to InfoVis 2014! Project 1 Hello: Autobiographical Data Visualization, for January 30  Design and perform a 2-minute spoken and visual presentation about yourself built from personal data and vital statistics. Initial plans/sketches due Jan 23.  Design and print an 8.5x11” handout diagram summarizing your presentation (illustration, diagram, icons, chart, table—minimal text)

• + • + • Each project has an associated reading—discussion leaders should summarize and expand, raising questions, showing examples, and leading class discussion. Readings for Jan 21:

How to make data look sexy Fundamental Principles.tufte artistic-infovis.wattenberg Bizarre Insights From Big Data

Powers of 10


A few examples: info vis intro 2014

Victoria's Patterns of a Penn Undergrad Liliana's Hamburgefons Life, Liberty, and Mappiness Charlene Lam, Paper-based Visualization Fractions of a Second Winter Olympics Dan's t-shirts Intro to Diagrams Anam's 321

Dave's Girl Talk Mashup NYTimes CalorieDetective Italian Hand Gestures Andreas Fischer World GDP A History of the Sky Pioneer Spacecraft Map



temp-map-compos NOAA data

[vimeo] moveable-type

17 coldtimeline

Google Flu Trends graph. Flu data here.


John Snow's cholera map, 1854.

Resources: Infosthetics NYTimes Graphics Department NYTimes 2013 Interactive