Grading Art and Design

How do you evaluate—grade?— art and design work? Here are two articles for your reference.

Achievement and Quality: Higher Education in the Arts

Grading Art

The criteria and issues that stand out for me are:

1. skill to describe/articulate and frame a design question or problem verbally, visually or via some other form

2. participation in the studio and contribution to the studio culture

3. ability to transform ideas and rough concepts; to develop, refine, and communicate

4. curiosity and willingness to experiment/explore/discover and to synthesize knowledge from this process

5. mastery of materials and craft in completing project (to the level required)

6. synergy and aesthetics – create forms and relationships – to put things together with a level of completeness and in an engaging manner appropriate to the project

7.  production of a body of work that demonstrates your design  process and communicates what is interesting about the work by embedding your vision (argument, interests, questions) in the work itself.