Independent Projects

Please format proposals as follows: • Title • Abstract/description stating goals/objectives • Possible data sources • Proposed media • Bibliography/resources

Final Projects Should Be:

Driven by Data – quantify the data: structure/order/categorize to find form(s) Creative  –  the design should be an original interpretation of the data Revealing – designs should enable discovery, understanding, realization Complete – the design should fully visualize the data Engaging – meet (and exceed) expectations of your audience Documented – cite sources and describe methodology Portable – projects should exist as objects, web sites, files, images, prints, etc. that can be archived on blog

Research Sources:

Martin Wattenberg's design research page.

Fathom,Ben Fry's design studio

Mirko Lorenz' Data Driven Journalism page.

NYTimes Visualizations, and more here.

All the Code blog