Questions/Comments for Sabin Visit

Please post your thoughts/questions here: I found the paper really interesting. I love  the idea of look at the dynamic structures in biology and using that to create structures and designs in our manmade world. A question I have is, how did you get interested in this subject, do you have a background in biology and art? - Sasha

The paper is very novel and especially thorough. I was particularly interested in the patterns and algorithms discovered within living structures. My question is - how often do you come across living structures that do not follow a pattern or have one distinct irregularity? Also, to what extent do you think we can incorporate this irregularity in architectural structures that are expected to be somewhat uniform? - Mansha

The concept of mathematically self-generating architecture is astounding. If we ever got to that point, do you think it's possible that this could be not only part of the planning/drafting process, but happen in real time? Another thought - in the instance of architectural models that are derived directly from natural structures, does the study of relevant diseases speak to possible faults in the stability of the designed systems? Can the structuring of diseases generate their own architectural possibilities? - Sara

The article makes a great case for the merits of cross-disciplinary study. To what extent are your efforts dependent on an academic structure? Are these relationships truly symbiotic or does one field reap more of the benefits?

The article states that parametric architecture has the ability of responding dynamically to context. I would like to learn a little bit more about what 'context' means in these scenarios.

The article does a great job of describing what the structural/architectural implications of this research are. Are there medical implications?

How do private sector parametric groups differ from academic ones? Do the two realms overlap?