Out of Your Hands

An interesting visualization of various physical characteristics (compared across both sex and ethnicity) and how they increase or decrease the risk of certain diseases/conditions like Alzheimer's, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. More here

Year in Language

Google News Lab did a visualization on the English language based on what people had been asking for the definition in Google search. The project looks into the 10 terms that had been getting the most growth in search of definition in 2016, the search of a word over time, and how the language spreads across the region.


Project 3 Teams

  1. Books in Space (Aliza, Amaris, Jon) 
  2. Van Pelt Sleep Pods (Amy, Yidi, Nadia)
  3. Future Plans (Joav, Juan, Yuxin) 
  4. Data Boom (Ying, Justin, Lauren)
  5. Study Space Optimization (Alex, Natalie, Can)

The Atlas of Urban Expansion

The Atlas of Urban Expansion, a project of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, UN-Habitat and New York University, was first released in 2012. The atlas gives extensive data about the growth of 200 cities, selected to be a representative sampling of the 4,231 cities and metropolitan areas worldwide that had populations of 100,000 or more in 2010. Data on urban sprawl will be crucial as human beings attempt to accommodate one another on an increasingly crowded globe.

Click here to access the website. 

Source: GovTech


"Oddity Viz"is a deconstruction of David Bowie's Space Oddity, broken into individual dimensions and engraved into records. designer Valentina D'Efilippo and researcher Miriam Quick undertook the project after the musician's death and created a series of art prints featuring The records. Each record focused on a single facet of the song like story, rhythm, or emotion. Check out the project at oddityviz.com or hear the creators talk about it on the Data Stories podcast

Biological Infographics

Eleanor Lutz is a PhD student studying biology at the University of Washington. Along with her passion for biology comes a passion for creating beautiful infographics - some of her most recent works include a topographical map of Venus, as well as a guide to flora that survive and thrive in California forest fires. Check out her full blog here, and see her two most recent projects below. 

The Goddesses of Venus: A Topographical Map

The Goddesses of Venus: A Topographical Map

Living With Fire: Surviving the Forest Wildfires of California

Living With Fire: Surviving the Forest Wildfires of California