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Project 1

Juan Cabrera | Langage Acquisition: Articulation by Juan | PresentationHandout

Natalie Carstens | My Steps, and Where They Have Taken Me |

Lauren Glenn | Closet Audit | Presentation 

Aliza Hochstein | Color by Number: A Synaesthetic Tale | Presentation, Handout

Nadia Kim | One Photographer, Two Cameras | PresentationHandout, Screen Recording

Amaris Kobolak | Are Gun Laws Protecting Us?: How Shooters Are Getting Their Weapons | Presentation, Handout

Amy Lanza | Searching | Handout

Ying Luo | Ying’s Year of 2016 Through WeChat Food Posts and Comments |HandoutPresentation

The handout shows my wechat food posts in 2016 on a timeline with the number of their likes and comments above the timeline and highlights of my posts below it.

Alex Montgomery | Worth It | PresentationHandout

Yoav Rabino | Misfit or Misunderstood? | Presentation, Handout

Jonathan Sadeghi | What I Do In The Crew | Handout

Can Wang | How Travel Shapes Our Life and Design | Handout

Yuxin Xiong | Yuxin’s Texts as an International Student | Presentation, Handout

Yidi Xu | Gap Year Trips | Link to project

Justin Yim | 40147: My Life as a Paid Experiment Subject | PresentationHandout


Project 2

Juan Cabrera | 2010: Enter | PDF

Natalie Carstens | 

Lauren Glenn | One of Many | link to video 

Aliza Hochstein | Mental Health Treatment: The Road Less Traveled | PDF

Nadia Kim | Link to video

Amaris Kobolak | project file

Amy Lanza | Refugees Admitted to the US Over Time | project link

Ying Luo | How Much Environmental Impact Does an iPhone Have? | project link

This animation visualizes the environmental impact of different versions of iPhone by showing the equal amount of pollution produced by a car driving certain miles.

Alex Montgomery | The Other Food Pyramid

Yoav Rabino | link to PDF

Jonathan Sadeghi | Tweeting at Trump |  Link to Video

Can Wang | Quality of Life From Older Peoples' Perspectives | link to PDF

Yuxin Xiong | Who Gets the Green Card? | link to video

Yidi Xu |  2017 Harvard University International Students | PDF

Justin Yim | Public Transit in the United States: An overview on ridership, mode share and funding statistics | link to website




Project 3

The Value of Making Space | Yoav Rabino, Juan Cabrera, Yuxin Xiong | PDF
We examine the square footage cost associated with storing millions of volumes in a desirable location like Van Pelt. The utilization of space and resources for different states of the library is visualized and discussed, exploring  how space, circulation of books, and services are related to cost, paving the way for the future state of the Van Pelt Library.

This is Van Pelt |  Aliza Hochstein, Amaris Kobolak, Jonathan Sadeghi | PDF | Image
This project is an installation visualizing how different libraries have shifted in their utilization of physical space in the past ten years.  Each of the four libraries– Ed Com, Biomed, Van Pelt and the Music Library– are represented by a 100 sq. foot sample showing how the space is used. 

Van Pelt Sleep Pods | Amy Lanza, Yidi Xu, Nadia Kim | PDF | Video Link 
In 2015, only 14% of Penn students reported feeling well-rested from the night before. What if the library functioned as a place of study, wellness, and revitalization? The library stacks are a section of the library that one may argue is on the way out; our project will visualize the positive effect of transforming the library stacks on student productivity.

Optimizing Study Space | Alex Montgomery, Natalie Carstens, Can Wang |Image
This project examines today’s patterns in group size among library visitors and how libraries might allocate space to accommodate such groups. Using information collected from Weigle Information Commons, we visualize the amount of space wasted by sub-optimal layouts while demonstrating the potential benefits of reorganization.

Van Pelt Books in Print—Subjects Over Time | Lauren Glenn, Justin Yim, Ying Luo | Video | PDF
Are printed books on the brink of extinction as we embrace a digital age? What are the books in print about? How do the subjects of print books change over time? For this project we look at Penn Libraries' over three million  books published after the year 1600, dividing them by published year. Among the books published in the same year we categorize them according to Library of Congress Classification. In this visualization we'll see the distribution of books over subjects in each year in the color bar animation; and we'll see how the numbers of books in a certain subject change over time.

Project 4

Juan Cabrera | 

Natalie Carstens | Going Wireless

Lauren Glenn | The Sky We See

Aliza Hochstein | Education Across Faith

Nadia Kim | Link

Amaris Kobolak |

Amy Lanza | People's Magazine's Sexiest Men

Ying Luo | Patterns of Philadelphia | project link

This animation of animated line drawings shows the development of philly streets from 1682 till current days.

Alex Daley-Montgomery | Website

Yoav Rabino | Tweeting Research

Jonathan Sadeghi | Tweeting at Trump |  Link to Video, Link to Image, Link to Revisions Folder

We scrutinize every message #45 sends on the social networks, but how do people around the world use the unprecedented line of communication? This site relays a stream of tweets, realtime, directed at the @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS accounts.

Can Wang | Quality of Life From Older Peoples' Perspectives | 

Yuxin Xiong | Disney Female Characters, 1937–2016 | 

Yidi Xu | Pritzker Prize Winners

Justin Yim | Outsourced responsibilities: Hong Kong’s heavy reliance on foreign domestic workers | Link to Website

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