Project 1


Please post your files for presentation and handout below, labeled clearly:

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Ishmam Ahmed – presentation | handout

Melissa Buja – Presentation | valedictions-2

laura.presentation | laura.handout

Eric Jiang – Presentation | Handout

Catherine Gonzalez – Presentation | Handout

Xiaoye Xing-Presentation | handout

Mikael Mantis – Presentation | Handout | Handout Revised

Diane Kim – Presentation | Handout 

Minjun Chen- PresentationHandout

Amelia Storck- Presentation | Handout

Virginia Walcott- Presentation |

Esther Yoon – Presentation | Handout

Jenny Ho – Presentation | Handout

Jinxiang- JinxiangProject

Project 2


Please post files and links for project 2 below. Include name, title one sentence description. 

Ishmam Ahmed – The National Solar Farm | source 1source 2source 3
How many solar panels would it take to power the U.S.? This is an interactive pdf that translates the nation’s energy needs into square footage of solar panel. View in Acrobat!

Laura An – This Relocation Center
This project compares multiple photographers’ approach to capturing the Japanese internment camps and examines their personal biases by examining elements of their photos.

Esther Yoon – Whiteout?
In light of the recent media blowup from the Oscar nominee list whiteout (#OscarsSoWhite) in January, this project examines Oscar nominees for acting from 2007-2015 in order to analyze the racial/ethnic distribution in Hollywood. Is it really discrimination, or is it just proportionality?

Eric Jiang – Progress of American Education
This project shows and compares the progress of various demographics of 4th and 8th grade students across the United States in standardized math and reading tests over the past 25 years.

Catherine Gonzalez – The Democratization of Education
The emergence of online education, capitalizes on growing worldwide internet access to democratize higher education. Using data from the joint Harvard-MIT EdX program, this project aims to explore the groups for which democratization has been achieved.

Xiaoye Xing – Xiaoye Xing_Gun Control Run
How many people died each year because of shooting/murder by gun? This project is based on the national UCR Program, analyze the  2014 firearm-related crimes in case of Philadelphia, and indicates hazard zones and neighborhoods.

Diane Kim – Internet: Slow and Expensive (Works best in Chrome)

How does my typical internet usage in the United States compare to that of other countries in the world? In terms of speed? In terms of cost? This visualization is meant to convey the frustrating “waiting time” of slow connections, as well as the heavy cost of maintaining even slow speeds.

Melissa Buja – the Cost of Cotton

This project shines light on the environmental impact of the global cotton market. This interactive page walks the viewer through the concerning growth of the market, the poor state of the countries that cotton is produced in, and a few other eye opening statistics.

Jenny Ho – a quiet contempt | revised interactive pdf

This project uses data from public opinion, general health surveys, and psychological studies to visualize public stigma against mental illness.

Amelia Storck – Amelia_Project2Final
I have created a series of maps in response to the growing attention paid toward Black voter participation. Black voters were crucial to the outcome of the 2008 and 2012 elections. This representation focuses on North Carolina during the 2012 presidential election.

Jinxiang Wu-ViolenceinFilmproject2

A common criticism that movies targeted at us are more violent than ever. This project exploit variation in the violence of blockbuster movies from 1980 to 2010. The amount of gun violence in top grossing PG-13 films has more than tripled since the introduction of the rating in 1985.

Minjun ChenAlcohol on Campus

Compared with various kinds of drugs, alcohol is the most popular one among college students. This visualization explores the relationship between alcohol consumption and alcohol arrest, and shows the locations and numbers of alcohol-related deaths among colleges students. Even though prevalent of the use of alcohol among college students has decreased from 1980 to 2014, students, educators and society still need to pay attention to this big issues on campus.

Virginia Walcott- O_Globo_on_Rio                                                                                                   How How is one of Brazil’s top newspapers covering forced evictions and demolitions in preparation for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics? This visualization uses search terms from the bodies of articles written from October 30, 2007 (the day Brazil won the bid to host the World Cup) to February 1, 2016.

Mikael Mantis CrimeOnCampus

We are told that Penn has one of the best on campus security forces in the country. But how affective is it? This project visualizes the data provided by the Penn Division of Public Safety. It walks the viewer through locations on campus with the highest number of reported crimes as well as some statistics on certain types of crimes.

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Project 3


Please post your name, project title, a 1-sentence project description, and project files/links.

Lauren Archambeault – Close to Home, Everywhere
This project explores intimate partner violence through the lens of female homicide victims in 2012, based on data from the National Violent Death Reporting System.

Anna Brill – Dangerous Droughts
This project explores and visualizes the impact droughts have on the production and availability of food in the United States.

Jessie Mao – The States of Sexual Education

This is a data visuzliation project meant to explore the relationships between the sexual education policies by state and sexual health statistics amongst youth in those states.

Katie Zhang – Appetite For Change

This project explores the issue of global warming through the representing the relationship between apple-taste and the temperature during the maturation period. Also, how the change of appetite affect our life are shown in this visualization.

Bianca Ladipo – Forgotten Youth

Looking at how the closing of public school in Chicago puts children at risk of having to cross gang territories on their morning commute.

Debbie Ly – Weight of Healthcare

The project explores the cost of health care for the average age person making the average income in his/her respective cities and creates an experience of the burden of the cost of healthcare.

Michele Ozer – The Case for Bike Lanes

This project looks at the case for bike lanes in Philadelphia.  It looks at how bike lanes help the city, as well as what an ideal street without cars would look like.

Maya Ebsworth – Anti-Trans Discrimination in Schools

Donald Sonn – Corporate Lobbying Complex

A look at the often overlooked trends in corporate lobbying on Capitol Hill as well as uncovering the industry’s biggest secret.

Claire Keener – Federal Funding for Medical Research

This project looks at the influence of federal funding on the field of medical research.

Yichen Shou – Asian Stereotypes in Video Games

A study of the misrepresentation and stereotyping of Asian characters in video games.

Final Projects

Post your final projects below with title, brief description, links, and files
(make sure you include data sources and description in your project)
Remove any outdated proposals.
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Ishmam Ahmed
BEsearch: an Index of Penn’s Bioengineering Faculty
An interactive, visual diagram that provides information about professors’ research interests, publication history, and student ratings of their teaching performance.
Please view with Acrobat.
Accompanying slide deck
Sources: PennCourseReviewSEAS Faculty Directory
Proposal: ishmam.proposal.pdf

Virginia Walcott
National Park Service: Trail Guides Redesign
final project: Happy Trails                                                                                                                                                                                                                          navigation guide:HappyTrails_Navigation
original proposal: walcott.proposal

Laura An
A Study of Complete Streets Policies: Who Passes Them? (Megan Ryerson, CPLN faculty)
An interactive matrix that allows users to examine the demographic data characteristic of states that do and do not pass Complete Streets Policies, based on clusters determined by the k-means method.

Catherine Gonzalez
Tire Tracks (See Course Folder for video)
Link to video

Eric Jiang
Is There Anybody Out There?

Esther Yoon
Project: Poetry Movements Across Time
Proposal: esther.proposal  Description: A composite graphic of data extracted from two major poetry websites to analyze the development of poetic genres from 1770-2001. The Internet is selective about which poems are made available to the public for each poet–what does this say about the site curators? The level of interest in poetry in general as poems get digitalized and made accessible online? Data

Amelia Storck
“The Candidate Brand”
A two-part project that explores presidential campaign logos between 1960-2012. The first part is a large wall graphic timeline in which the logos are dissected by their design qualities. The second part is an interactive pdf that allows viewers to sort the logos based on several design and ideological parameters. Open the second file in Acrobat in order to see the interactivity.
Final Pieces: Amelia_ThesisFinalAmelia_CandidateBrand
Proposal: amelia.proposal.pdf

Diane Kim
“But which emoji do I use?”

Link to Presentation

Minjun Chen
Linguistic landscape of Philadelphia Chinatown (Jiwon Woo, Penn MFA)

Final Project:  Linguistic Landscape of Philadelphia Chinatown
Minjun Chen-Proposal

Xiaoye Xing
HUE OF PHILA – Visualizing Mural Arts in Philadelphia(Shira Walinsky, MuralArts)

Xiaoye Xing.Proposal

Mikael Mantis
The Art of Tricking
Tricking Wiki
MikaelMantis.Proposal | Mikael Mantis Final Proposal

Melissa Buja
Rooftop Solar Panelling – A Solution That Barely Skims the Surface of Some Cities’ Energy Needs

Jenny Ho
Universal Binaries / June 21, 2015
Revised Proposal
Photo Documentation

Jinxiang Wu

BechdelTestBreakdown (Please view with Acrobat)
An analysis of Gender Inequality in Film (Yue Xu, Freeman’s Auction)
Jinxiang’s Final ProposalJinxiang_FinalProposal_Revised