Project 1

Post your name and project files (presentation and handout) below:

Lauren Archambeault – 10 Years of TV – Presentation – Handout

Michele Ozer – A Trebled Life – Presentation – Handout

Gejing Zhang (Katie) – 84/2135 On My Phone – Presentation – Handout

Anna Brill – Movements – Presentation – Handout

Maya Ebsworth – A Kisstory

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Project 2

Please post project files/links here – include names of each team member.

WXPN Music Visualizations

Group 1:

Bianca Ladipo

Anna Brill


Group 2:

Jessie Mao

Debbie Ly

Ethan Shou


Group 3:

Donald Sonn

Corey Novich


Group 4:

Claire Keener

Lauren Archambeault

Maya Ebsworth


Group 5:

Katie Zhang

Michelle Ozer

Project 3

Please post your name, project title, a 1-sentence project description, and project files/links.

Lauren Archambeault – Close to Home, Everywhere
This project explores intimate partner violence through the lens of female homicide victims in 2012, based on data from the National Violent Death Reporting System.

Anna Brill – Dangerous Droughts
This project explores and visualizes the impact droughts have on the production and availability of food in the United States.

Jessie Mao – The States of Sexual Education

This is a data visuzliation project meant to explore the relationships between the sexual education policies by state and sexual health statistics amongst youth in those states.

Katie Zhang – Appetite For Change

This project explores the issue of global warming through the representing the relationship between apple-taste and the temperature during the maturation period. Also, how the change of appetite affect our life are shown in this visualization.

Bianca Ladipo – Forgotten Youth

Looking at how the closing of public school in Chicago puts children at risk of having to cross gang territories on their morning commute.

Debbie Ly – Weight of Healthcare

The project explores the cost of health care for the average age person making the average income in his/her respective cities and creates an experience of the burden of the cost of healthcare.

Michele Ozer – The Case for Bike Lanes

This project looks at the case for bike lanes in Philadelphia.  It looks at how bike lanes help the city, as well as what an ideal street without cars would look like.

Maya Ebsworth – Anti-Trans Discrimination in Schools

Donald Sonn – Corporate Lobbying Complex

A look at the often overlooked trends in corporate lobbying on Capitol Hill as well as uncovering the industry’s biggest secret.

Claire Keener – Federal Funding for Medical Research

This project looks at the influence of federal funding on the field of medical research.

Yichen Shou – Asian Stereotypes in Video Games

A study of the misrepresentation and stereotyping of Asian characters in video games.

Final Project

Post your proposals and final project files and links below:
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Maya Ebsworth:

Project Proposal – Relapse
Link to final design
Link to Github repository

Lauren Archambeault
Project Proposal
Beyond OCR: Public Interest Internships at Penn

Gejing Zhang (Katie)

Project Proposal
Girls Through Masks

Donald Sonn – MLB DashboardProposal 2.0

Bianca Ladipo – Final proposal revised

Jessie Mao: vanishing

Michele Ozer: Final Project Proposal


Final Project:

Corey Novich: Final Project Proposal

Claire Keener: Final Project Proposal

Final Project:

Anna Brill: Final Video

The final video shows the two laser cut models. The data used is from the Extragalactic Distance Database and the research paper Cosmography of the Local Universe.

Brill Proposal

Yichen Shou:

Proposal: Playing on Words

Final Product: All Your Words Are Belong To Us

Description: A interactive visualization of the language use of video game characters through the use of Madlibs. The visualization takes in sentences entered by the user and changes it into a sentence that a game character might say by generating news words based on frequency of occurrence and swapping them into the input sentence. Half the time you get something that makes no sense; the other half you get something hilarious.

Debbie Ly: Indp. Study Proposal Debbie Ly