Project 1

Please post name, presentation and handout files:
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Divya Prabhakar: “Idol Worship” FNAR_Pres_IdolsIndividualsHandout_Divya

Adi Dahiya: “2013 in music” presentationhandout

Natalia Juncadella: “me through tea” presentation , handout

Leslie Krivo-Kaufman: “100 People That I Know” presentationhandout

Tara Siegel: “1000 Miles in my Running Shoes” presentationhandout

Sohee Cha: “personality through film, 2006-2014” presentationhandout

Jessica Xu: “2013 Photobiography” presentationhandout

Eric Chao:”Eric Chao’s Facebook Friends” presentationhandout

Anastasiya Shekhtman: “Photo Evolution”presentationhandout

Justin Lee: “Seven Days of a YouTube Search History” presentationhandout

Project 2

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Name, project title, 1-sentence description, link to project site/files:

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Natalia Juncadella, Girl Talk, A map of the top 20 body image words used by females across age, Girl Talk by Natalia Juncadella

Eric Chao, The Most Likely Sentence, A powerpoint simulation of a website that generate words and sentences while visualizing each word’s relative frequency and the correlations with gender, The Most Likely Sentence

Sohee Cha, looking at how “I should” usage differs in age. Self-Expectation through SHOULD.Project file here.

Tara Siegel, An interactive visualization that explore the transition between the use of ‘I’ to ‘We’ related words as age progresses in normal everyday speech based off location.  Live Site

Jessica Xu: Type By Type, a visualization of differences in keyboard usage across gender and personality types.Type by Type Presentation |  Type by Type Handouts 

Adi Dahiya, Tweet Topic Correlations Between US Counties. Interactive graph visualization online here.

Justin Lee, “What would they say?” 

Anastasiya Shekhtman, Noise of Time, a collective poem.

Diyva Prabhakar, WWBP Project

Project 3

Post files/links and 1 sentence title/description for Project 3 – Mapping Experience:

Sohee Cha. An animation maps the paths and habits of museum-goers visiting Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” (1888-9) in the PMA. [click here] [Products created with data visualization: (1) and (2)]

Divya Prabhakar. Mapping current College of Arts and Sciences students to their most likely future selves, based on the post-graduation data from the past 6 years. Print mapping can be viewed here FINALFINALMAPP.

Jessica Xu, “A Measure of Comparison”: A map comparing the physical distance traveled by the pen when writing the same words and phrases in Chinese and English. Poster and Presentation

Tara Siegel, “Women in Software Engineering – A visualization of inequality”: A interactive commentary on the absence of women engineers in the tech world.  The accompanying visualization illustrates the point using a crowd sourced data set of ~130 smaller tech companies.  Link

Adi Dahiya, Electronic Sound Synthesis – An interactive web-based synthesizer & 3D canvas that visualizes a synthesized instrument’s amplitude envelope over time. [Link]

Justin Lee, “Guitar Map” – An interactive application for visualizing finger positions of chord progressions on a fretboard.  Link.

Eric Chao, “UPenn Food Availability” – An interactive map that shows available restaurants and food trucks arranged by time. UPenn Food Availability Presentation

Natalia Juncadella, The Sweet Spot: A map that reveals the location of the highest concentration of sugar per serving size in a supermarket. Map: The Sweet Spot. Presentation: The Sweet Spot Presentation

Final Project

Adi project proposal (revised)

final poster: full PDF | photograph | on my website


Eric Chao_Final Project_Hall of Famer

Eric’s Proposal


Natalia Juncadella, One Size Does Not Fit All: A comparison of size “small” across American clothing brands, One Size Does Not Fit All


DivyaPrabhakar_FinalProject Proposal

Divya Prabhakar Final Project Website Link and Print Visuals: Barack vs. BushComparing all mappings on the site, and the individual mappings of Reagan, MLK Jr., and LBJ


Road Trip Novels, Leslie Krivo-Kaufman
Final Poster
Final Postcards


Anastasiya Proposal

Light Breathing Anastasiya


Jessica, What If I Made It Myself? A photographic comparison of processed vs. homemade foods with the same ingredients and the same number of calories. ProposalFinal Presentation


Sohee Cha’s Proposal (revised) (revised pt II) (final revision) – Final Project (Self: A Portrait Through Film)


Justin’s Proposal

An interactive application where one can experiment with pitch by altering the length of a string. [Link]


Tara Siegel, My Run Landscape: An interactive graphic of my runs over the past 2 years presented alongside external factors such as weather locational data. Project ProposalFinal Live Site