Project 1


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Michael Rivera
Making the Grade – An analysis of life through schooling.
Making the Grade

Anam Omar$ vs. g
Autobiographical Data Visualization: A visual representation of my life through the people I know and interact with.

Daniel Knowlton
68 Tees: A brief autobiography based on t-shirts.
Website: 68 Tees
Handout: 68 Tees Handout

Gaby Moreno
GabyMail: A history of Gaby as told by her Gmail archives.
Handout | Presentation

Levi Thornton, The true cost of laziness
A visual representation of orders from

Barrett Lane,  I Am What I EatA look at what and where I’ve eaten in the recent past.
Handout: I Am What I Eat (Handout Version)

Jenny FanA Lifetime of Words in Numbers
Presentation | Handout

Tom McQuaid, Portrait of a Tweeter
What my Twitter History Says About Me
Handout | Presentation

Dave : PDF, Texting Habits    PPT, Texting

Jing PeiA Polish Addict

Kendall Haupt,
Website | Handout

Project 2

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“Where did all the time go?”
Jenny Fan
This interactive visualization maps my scheduled time commitments during college by activity.

“The Geography of Squares”
Barrett Lane
A comparative look at the shapes and sizes of urban squares across the world.  The graphic looks at 16 squares and their surrounding neighborhoods, depicting the formal boundary of the square with its respective one-block radius.  All drawings are done at the same scale and in the same style.  A process diagram is also included.

“Breakdown: Muse – Absolution”
Levi Thornton
This project is an interactive exploration of my experience when listening to a music album. It tracks multiple variables to show how I experience each song, and shows how each song compares to others.
Breakdown: Muse – Absolution

“Sleeping Hackers – You snooze you lose.”
Gaby Moreno
A study following the unusual sleep patterns of 93 participants at PennApps 2012, a 48 hour hackathon held at the University of Pennsylvania.
Sleeping Hackers Website

“Epic Songs”
Anam Omar
A visual representation of  songs shared by Anam Omar and Adilah Ismail from October 2011 – present.
view here

“cMusic” – A study of musical notes in J.S. Bach’s Prelude in C Major
cMusic PDF – Michael Rivera
cMusic Short Sample Video

“Singing Through The Party”
Tom McQuaid
A visual representation of the range, number, and intensity of notes sung per song in a full length musical.
PDF Presentation – Tom McQuaid

“Mapping Tchaikovsky”
Dan Knowlton
A visual representation of the orchestral score of the “1812 Overture” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Overture(PDF) – Dan Knowlton
Interactive Website

“Lobby Space” – Mapping foot traffic in the Inn at Penn lobby
This presentation illustrates all foot traffic that occurred in thirty minutes at the Inn at Penn Lobby on Wednesday, February  8th. Each individual’s literal path, as well as places of entry, exit, and pause, are recorded. The foot paths build up to create a cumulative map of areas walked in the lobby.
background music
Powerpoint presentation

“The Double Life of a Traveling College Senior”
Jing Pei
A visualization of travel over a year.
Mapping Travel


Word Map

Dave Sharples

Project 3

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The Cost of Happiness – Tom McQuaid
Version 2 – PDF

Ranking global happiness as it relates to life expectancy, GDP, and carbon footprint. Project includes posters, postcards, clothing designs, and an interactive booklet.

Happy/Sad – Levi Thornton
A minimalistic visualization of the rates at which bloggers post they are either “feeling happy” or “feeling sad.”

The Times Positivity Scale – Dan Knowlton
The Times Positivity Scale is a representation of the general mood of the front page of the New York Times over the course of the year 2011.

Happenstance Happy – Michael Rivera
Using years of Gallup Well-being index data, this tool will tell you  how likely you are to be happy. 

This is Your Century – Jenny Fan
A visualization  of the most frequently used words in commencement speeches across time periods: 1930s-1970s | 1980s | 1990s | Early 2000s | Late 2000s. The final piece was an accordion paper display.

The Art of Wellbeing – Barrett Lane (WIP): An abstract re-interpretation of the Gallup Well-Being Index of the 52 largest MSAs in the United States, measuring wellbeing and several related factors categorized by population, income, and geography.

A Wedding Planner – Gaby Moreno Cesar
From “To-Do” to “I Do”, a yearlong visualization of stuff to get done before the typical wedding day.

Happiness through the eyes of Self Help – Jing Pei
Color frequency in happiness self help covers modeled by origami stars, a symbol of well being and happiness in asian cultures

3 2 1 – anam omar
a collection of 321 tips to be happy. Includes a random tip generator, if you’re feeling lucky! (best viewed on chrome or safari)

Teen Birth rates by State and Legislation – Dave Sharples

Visualizing teen pregnancy rates as a result of sexual education legislation

Final Project

Please post final project here –  title, link (media or web), and project description:

Jenny Fan, Asian Pacific American (APA) Organizations at Penn (Web, runs best in Google Chrome)
This visualization aims to depict the various Asian Pacific-interest student organizations at the University of Pennsylvania, and provide information about them in an informational and comparable way. (Visualization uses SVGs. Best viewed in Chrome, passable in IE9, may not work in Firefox.)

Michael Rivera, Cmusic – A Musical Visualization
Cmusic approaches music visually, demonstrating the dynamics of a piece while revealing relationships among individual notes. Through motion, speed, and size, the intracacies of music are easily explained. Complexity becomes simplicity.

Tom McQuaid, Spreading the Wealth (video) (installation)
Visualizing top earners’ shares of the national income.

Gaby Moreno, WICS.Board
Tracking the history of graduating women from the Computer and Information Science department at the University of Pennsylvania since 2000.

Levi Thornton, TIGdb visualization
The TIGdb visualization is intended to simply the process of finding quick and fun indie games to play.

booteekanam omar:
booteek is an organization whose aim is to be the link between groups of underprivileged women in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world by marketing products made by them. This project is a visual representation of what goes into making one booteek bag. (best viewed on chrome or safari). 

Dan Knowlton, Tracking NCAA Season Records – Proposal
Record Tracer: A visualization of NCAA men’s basketball season records.

Barrett Lane, The Great Northeast  (A simplified map of the various commuter and light rail systems in the Northeastern United States.  The map combines the various graphic design aesthetics of the rail operators into a single language, allowing the user to identify the major systems serving their area and beyond.  The map also points out major hubs along the systems, as well as connections to local rapid transit and nearby commercial airports.)

Jing Pei, Shipping Help Guide
A choose your adventure-esque flow chart to choose the cheapest shipping option for the needs of the shipper.

Kendall Haupt, SNL Scrabble
Play the game to see which SNL alumni starred movies together

Dave Sharples, Girltalk’s All Day Visualized (runs best in Google Chrome)